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SDS-BIONIC launches Global Recruitment Campaign to expand Nano-Molecular Coating Distributor Network

LOS ANGELES Calif. - SDS-BIONIC WORLDWIDE LTD announced a World-wide distributor search to recruit key players – in preparation for the unveiling of its new revolutionary Nano-Molecular Coating and Sealant Systems for the Autumn of 2014.
The Distributor Campaign is designed to recruit key players for the Protective Coating and Sealant Systems provider and its global partners in preparation for the unveiling of a unique  financing and underwriting program for industrial /   utility providers and governments – to stimulate compliance with global mandates to renew eroded infrastructure systems.

Spearheaded by an aggressive media campaign across major capital centers, commencing in the 3rd Quarter of 2014 throughout Europe, North America and S. E. Asia, and supported by financial relation programs, the campaign is one of the first significant deployments undertaken by a Protective Coating and Sealant systems organization to establish a   meaningful foothold within the multi-billion dollar industry of utility and urban renewal. The expansive recruitment program is supported by a new study that identifies the economic obstacles of retro-fit/renewal demand for utility providers and municipalities to “change-out” their antiquated and inefficient top protective shields for infrastructure systems during the next decade, and implications and benefits for a new an alternative financing strategy to underwrite this change.

GIBRALTAR CAPITAL GROUP from London, UK is the Financial Partner with SDS-BIONIC and the lead Underwriter for the SDS-BIONIC WORLDWIDE Infrastructure Renewal Program. Commenting on the launch, Nestor Bonifacio Jr., COO of Underwriter Acceptance for Gibraltar Capital South East Asia and the SDS-BIONIC Network Placement Director  for S.E. Asia, said; “Our imminent success depends – on building one of the leading Infrastructure renewal and retrofit financial service networks in our target communities that matches Protective Coating needs that can provide an additional 25 years of infrastructure life for existing structures, with outstanding and immediate quality product placement with little or no upfront costs.
The next logical step in our strategy is developing our network to include the integration of "in-place" professional engineering and maintenance organizations into the SDS-BIONIC Retrofit Financing Program – as franchise extensions of the Network. Many organizations – finding themselves in a "transitional stage" due to the current world economic downturn – are seeking new and innovative ways to remain competitive. The alliance of these organizations into the SDS-BIONIC  Retrofit  Financial Service Program is a "next logical step" for the future.”
“The sheer scale, scope and investment behind the campaign clearly illustrates that SDS-BIONIC WORLDWIDE and GIBRALTAR CAPITAL GROUP are very serious about establishing its sphere of influence and awareness within the window of opportunity offered by the current infrastructure renewal "state-of-transition". This is a long-term campaign. We’re committed to working with the industry’s top talent to build our approach, establish our positioning – with a challenger/alternative brand for state-of-the-art Protective Coating products and financing services - to ensure that our strategy will resonate across our intended audiences.”
“The mandated renewal of substrates for antiquated and stressed infrastructure systems and the pending movement to replace in-place topcoat coverings with Nano-Molecular Protective Coating Shield Systems is the single greatest green renewal-renovational movement in history. It is certain to be significantly more cost efficient `to replace extant topcoats with Nano-Molecular Shield Systems than having to build-out or retrofit entire infrastructures. “The renewal/renovation of   these infrastructures with the nano-molecular shield will provide existing structures an additional twenty to fifty years of usefulness and will transform the way the world equates the fiscal responsibilities of substrate protection and maintenance ” said Trevor Shearson , assistant to the chief executive officer of SDS-BIONIC WORLDWIDE LTD. "SDS-BIONIC WORLDWIDE, SDS-BIONIC Product line and the SDS-BIONIC Nano-Molecular Technologies intend to be at the center of this revolution, and together we will build on our in-place and immediate Protective Shield Systems delivery capacity to redefine the way municipalities and businesses finance their Protective Coating and Sealant requirements."
SDS-BIONIC WORLDWIDE LTD revolutionizes how the world engages Protective Covering and Sealant Solutions. The company deploys its proprietary Nano-Molecular Technologies to manufacture a full line of Coverings and Sealants for all substrates that is marketed under the Trade Name – SDS-BIONIC.
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