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SDS-BIONIC Announces Amalgamation of Nano-Molecular Coatings with Rope Access Asia Joint Venture

Combined company to deliver Nano-Molecular Technology platform that redefines the Protective Coating and Sealant industry for how industrial/commercial/utility providers and governments engage mandates to maintain and renew infrastructure systems.

LONDON, UK November 20, 2014– SDS-BIONIC Worldwide Ltd. (London, UK) – today announced the completion of the amalgamation of its Philippine based Manufacturing Facility’s output of Nano-Molecular Coatings with Rope Access Services and Consulting, Inc. (Manila, Philippines). As a result of the technology swap joint-venture transaction, one of the most innovative and avant-garde alternative Protective Coating and Sealant systems and the Philippine’s most aggressive delivery operations are merged into a potent team – to deliver protective coating solutions to structures throughout the Philippines and S. E. Asia.

The combination of SDS-BIONIC and Rope Access Asia brings together the Protective Coating/Sealant industry's most advanced engineering of proprietary Nano-Molecular technologies for developing  and delivering superior topcoat shield solutions for consumer, commercial and industrial providers - to meet the imminent implementation of the demand for a proven multi-year erosion proof topcoat system. The move also accelerates SDS BIONIC’s strategic initiative to advance an aggressive delivery fulfillment capacity to meet the estimated $15 Billion retro-fit/renewal demand by utility providers and municipalities in the Philippine’s to “change-out” their antiquated and inefficient top coat protective shields for infrastructure systems during the next decade. 
“The mandated renewal of substrates for antiquated and stressed infrastructure systems and the pending movement to replace in-place topcoat coverings with Nano-Molecular Protective Coating Shield Systems is the single greatest green renewal-renovational movement in history. It is certain to be significantly more cost efficient `to replace extant topcoats with Nano-Molecular Shield Systems than having to build-out or retrofit entire infrastructures. “The renewal/renovation of these infrastructures with the nano-molecular shield will provide existing structures an additional twenty to fifty years of usefulness and will transform the way the world equates the fiscal responsibilities of substrate protection and maintenance ” said  Nestor Bonifacio Jr., COO of SDS-BIONIC (Philippine Operations) and Ramon Marchan, Director of  Rope Access Services and Consulting, Inc., – in a joint communique. "The SDS-BIONIC Nano-Molecular Technologies and Rope Access Asia intend to be at the center of this revolution, and together we will build on our in-place and immediate Protective Shield  Systems delivery capacity to redefine the way municipalities and businesses finance their Protective Coating and Sealant requirements."
This week the joint venture will begin executing the integration of the two companies' operations, and customer care organizations to ensure a smooth transition and immediate value for customers, partners and distributors. As part of the initial integration, Rope Access Asia today, unveiled the new SDS-BIONIC Protective Coating and Delivery Systems for their in-place customers and announced plans to introduce the nano-molecular coatings to municipalities and corporations seeking to build-out and renovate public, utility, resource and industrial infrastructures.


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Rope Access Services and Consulting, Inc., is the pioneer of rope access industry throughout the Philippines since 2001. The company services maintenance contracts for many of the Philippines most prestigious structures. For more information, visit

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