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Want to join our Worldwide Rollout?


Provides turn-key Master Franchises (REGIONAL and CITY-WIDE) that include:

  • Cutting Edge Nano Molecular Sealant technologies and protective-shield solutions
  • Engineering and Economic Feasibility Studies 
  • Project Design, Engineering, Environmental Studies & Permitting Support
  • Project Construction & Application Advisory
  • Project Funding & Financing Options
  • Asset Management Partnership program with no capital requirements. 
  • Project Commissioning 
  • Product Warranty and Insurance
  • First Right of Option on our future technologies roll-out

We invite you to participate in the World-wide roll-out of our Revolutionary Nano Molecular Technology for the protective-shield coating industry!

You are engaged in the development, management and distribution of a network of proprietary high-tech nano molecular protective-shield coatings for consumer, industrial and government applications and / emerging high-tech products for the consumer marketplace. You will have exclusive ownership to the proprietary and trade-secret protected nano molecular driven technology – adding years of pristine usefulness to any product or structure – unlike all other protective coverings in the market place.

  • The environmentally friendly bionic-shield application  – comes in both water and solvent base, is composed of  quartz, remarkably reduced to only 5-nano meters and can cure within minutes through a UV Light treatment ;
  • A single nano molecular coating  protects solid substrates with a diamond-tough shield and fabrics with a non-intrusive / fire resilient shield that resists corrosiveness, elemental erosion, wear, pitting/chipping and fire ;
  • The revolutionary SDS-BIONIC technology has the capability to out-perform ALL current commercial – Industrial protective-shield coating and treatment techniques in the marketplace – in terms of uniqueness - universalitysafety and economics.

Your Master Franchise owns the exclusive MONOPOLY RIGHTS for the SDS-BIONIC nano molecular protective-shield coating technologies within your licensed territory. You start out by rolling-out the first wave of high-tech products into the consumer marketplace throughout your licensed territory – accompanied by marketing and promotional campaigns. Your Master Franchise is bent on rapid growth through the development and distribution of a network of additional commercial, and custom-formulated nano molecular protective-shield coatings for structural, industrial and government applications together with joint-venture partners - under a City-Wide sub-franchise license program - throughout the geographical territory of your Master License.

Your Revenue Prognosis:
If You RESERVE Your Master Franchise OPPORTUNITY NOW: You will inaugurate your SDS BIONIC nano molecular protective-shield coatings Network, with the first roll-out of the high-tech consumer products within 90 days. SDS-BIONIC WORLDWIDE CORPORATION will assist you with training, technical support and a financing program to attain successful placement of City-Wide Distribution Network Licenses for via your sub-franchise licensing program within your territory.

In the event, the advertising/promotional campaign for the first roll-out of the inaugural high-tech consumer product line – distributed by your Master Franchise – drives the consumer demand during the first 12 weeks of the campaign at the projected 15-times BUY-IN QUOTA (Consumer Products financed by your Master Franchise) – as projected by Management  – YOU will realize extraordinary growth.

Your MASTER FRANCHISE and its unique and significant technology solution for an expanding market demand – i.e. sealant coating treatment processing - is inflationary and recession proof!  Your Master Franchise will derive most of its growth via its unique and proprietary technology systems within the protective coatings and sealant treatment industry. This sector is selected as one of the top five revenue producers for the next decade.

The significance of the SDS-BIONIC nano molecular protective shield coating driven technology cannot be overstated! The cutting-edge technology has the capability to out-perform ALL current commercial protective coatings and sealant treatment techniques and revolutionize the industry…with generous gross margins!  SDS-BIONIC is a dynamic High-Tech Master Franchise opportunity that has the potential of yielding significant returns. YOU and the SDS-BIONIC TECHNOLOGY’s family of Regional and City-Wide Master Franchises stand at the threshold to become one of the stellar growth business opportunities of the next decade!