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SDS-BIONIC Vinyl Floor Coat

SDS-BIONIC Vinyl Floor Coat is designed to protect most types of vinyl flooring products by providing a durable, thin layer of quartz over the surface, which will provide a low-maintenance, durable surface which resists most stains and scuff marks without the need for waxing.

SDS-BIONIC Vinyl Floor Coat is cost-effective. It requires less maintenance, is easy to clean and lasts longer than traditional coatings which offers significant cost and labor advantages. Also now there is no need for harsh chemicals to clean anymore, simply damp mop and it looks like new.  And no more need to wax either.

Use SDS-BIONIC Vinyl Floor Coat on Vinyl floor products, Linoleum, and Vinyl Composition Tile.

Tough, durable, environmentally sound and free of carcinogens.

With less than 100g/L VOC it outperforms the most stringent air-quality controls in the US.  SDS-BIONIC also measures as being carcinogen free as defined by California Prop 65.