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Share our history of how we developed our Products and the vision we have for our future


SDS-BIONIC Products are the result of years of high-tech development – driven by cutting-edge nano-molecular technologies – that has the potential of revolutionizing the protective-shield coating of consumer products and industrial / government applications especially within the fields of Household, Automotive, Marine, Building / Infrastructure Maintenance and Energy.

At the core of this unique Product Line is the convergence of parallel emerging technologies – ready for market – that makes possible, for the first time ever, complete and total protective nano-molecular coating of substrates – that renders a transparent shield, as durable as a diamond – and absolute elimination of erosion and contamination of corrosion on a universal scale plus the versatility of rendering the coated surface fireproof and damage-proof at even 1000 degrees (Fahrenheit) - not available anywhere in today’s protective coating world.

Let us share with you the history and future of our Product Line – through our Publication on the Pedigree of our Product, Videos of our Products and Trade Reports of the Protective Covering Marketplace.

We have prepared a short publication of the development of our products. We invite you to journey with us through our Lab & Field test Results and Product Applications.

We have selected a few Videos from our vast visual library – for you to see for yourself how SDS-BIONIC is changing the way we protect the things we enjoy.

The Global Protective Covering market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 3.86 percent over the next decade. Among the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increase in R&D investment and activities plus an increasing demand from emerging markets.

We have selected a number of Professional Analyst Reports from our library – for you to see how the Protective Covering markets are growing in your region. Enjoy the read and see if you share our vision that SDS-BIONIC represents a Quantum Leap within the Global Protective Covering marketplace.